Family Discount

We are pleased to offer discounts to families of four or more who are enrolled in our classes!


4+ Enrolled Family Members: $20 Discount Per Family Member


After enrolling your family by the date mentioned under 'Expiration' below, go through all the steps listed on this page and submit the required information by January 22nd, keeping in mind the following:


  • A Family Is Defined As: Immediate family consisting of two parents and their children. Each family account in our registration system, Mindbody , can consist of the account holder (login credentials associated with this person), a spouse, and the children. Mindbody allows for each relationship to be labeled - we recommend you do this in your account to avoid delays in getting the discount

  • Proof: Spousal relationship proof is not required. For all children in the account, birth certificate proof showing the parents' name and the child name must be submitted

  • Expiration: The family discount expires the same day as the other discounts offered (January 5th at midnight) - all members of the family must be enrolled by this date to be counted as part of the family

  • Combination With Other Discounts: The family discount can be combined with the continuing student discounted rate. If a member of your family is eligible for the new student discount, they can be counted as a part of the family, so that the rest of the family members can get the discount! The new student will not receive the family discount
Step 1: Enroll Your Family in Classes
Select the classes of your choice and enroll each of your family members at the discounted rate. Then, complete the steps below.
Step 2: Submit Birth Certificate Proof
If you and your spouse are enrolled in classes, skip this and go to Step 3! For the children in your family:
  • a) Login to Mindbody with the same account credentials used for registering for classes
  • b) Go to the "MY INFO" tab
  • c) Click on "Documents" section right under the "MY INFO" tab
  • d) Click the 'Choose File' button and select the birth certificate file for you child
  • e) Click on "Upload" and wait for the upload to complete (Note: file should be 2MB or less)
  • f) After the upload, the file will appear on the screen and you you can click on the file name to ensure that the correct file was submitted
Step 3: Fill Out a Refund Request Below