Class FAQs

Q1. Can I drop in to a class and try it?

Yes! Students can drop in to a 'Basic' or a combined 'Basic/Inter' class without prior enrollment. In Q1 and Q3 (non-performance sessions), students are welcome to drop in to the first or second class and in Q2 and Q4 (performance quarters), students can drop in to the first class only. We do not allow drop ins for classes that are 'Inter' level or higher.


If a class is full, we will not be able to accommodate drop in students in the class. Check the status of classes here.


Students under 18 years of age require a guardian to sign them into the class, without which, a student will not be able to participate in the drop in class.


Q2. Can I perform the choreography I learnt in class at other events (dance competitions, private parties etc.)?

You may perform the choreography at such events provided:
i) You have written permission from your class instructor.
ii) You acknowledge and announce the instructor and the dance company verbally at the event right before or after the performance.


Q3. I have lots of prior dance experience and would like to enroll for the Intermediate class. Is this possible?

i) If you are a new student and have not taken a Basic level class with us before, then you do not qualify to enroll for the Intermediate class. We require all new students to start in the Basic level. See more details about dance class levels here. If you do have extensive experience, email us with details about your dance background (including links to videos, if available) and we may recommend that you be evaluated in a higher level class and/or attend an upcoming audition.
ii) If you have taken a class with us, your instructor will recommend you for evaluation for a higher level class when the instructor thinks you are ready.


Q4. My daughter is 3 years old and loves to dance. Can she enroll in a 5-8 year old class?

We accept kids above the age of 5 only, or, they must turn 5 within the first 2 weeks of the quarter. Our “Bacha Party” class is geared for 3 & 4 year olds and is the appropriate class for your daughter. We guarantee that she will have a great time!

Q5. Can I watch the class my child is participating in?

Parents, family and friends will not be allowed into the studio when the class is in session. In the first class of the quarter, parents are requested to attend a quick orientation. In each class, parents can video record the last 5 minutes of the class, to help their kids remember choreography when rehearsing at home.

Q6. I have completed a Basic level class and my instructor has recommended me for evaluation in the Intermediate class, but the timing of the Intermediate class does not work for me. Can I be evaluated for the Advanced class instead?

i) Our Bollywood dance program is designed in such a way that each level has specific dance techniques, steps and content appropriate for the level.
ii) When you jump from a basic level to an Advanced level class, you skip the Intermediate level all together which means you skip learning certain techniques that are a pre-requisite for the Advanced class. Hence jumping levels in the program is not allowed. This is for the benefit of the student and to ensure proper progression in technique and performance.


Q6. How many levels are there in the Bollywood dance program?

We have 4 class levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master. After a student completes the Master level, he/she can audition to join the Intensive Training Class, Emerging Performers program or the company troupe! If a student does not clear the audition, they can continue to take the Master class and they will be challenged and keep growing as a dancer & performer!


Q7. What is the "Emerging Performers" Program?

The primary objective of this special program is to constantly groom/train a prospective set of young performers. Read more about the program here.


Q8. What is the "Intensive Training" Class?

The Intensive Training Class is specifically designed to help those students who have immense potential to eventually make it into the Emerging Performers Program. Read more about Intensive Training Class here.


Q9. I am 65 years old and I love to dance! Can I enroll for a dance class in your company?

Yes - we would love to have you in a class! You are welcome to join an adults Basic class. Also we have a special ‘Jollywood’ class for seniors at the India Community Center in Milpitas. Read more about the program here.


Q10. I have a problem memorizing steps. Can I record the dance class so I can rehearse at home?

Yes! Read the class policies here. Initially, it may be challenging to remember the routine, but after the first few weeks of class, this should not be a problem as we go over the routine multiple times in each class. Many of our students also meet outside of class time to practice together.


Q11. Do students learn more than one song in a quarter?

We work with either an edited version of one song, or a medley of 1-3 songs each quarter.


Q12. How often do students get to perform?

i) On stage performances are a key aspect of our Bollywood dance program -it helps build confidence, improves dancing & performance skills, impresses family & friends and we believe it's every student's right to have a blast stage - Bollywood style!
ii) Students have the opportunity to perform twice a year twice a year during the Spring and Fall Student Showcases! Every student, whether five years or fifty-five years of age is provided a professional platform to share their talent and is first-hand experience with the various dynamics of show business!


Q13. How do instructors assign dance positions to students for a performance?

Positions are assigned at the sole discretion of the instructor and are based on students' memorization of the routine, execution of choreography, performance skills (like facial expressions) and attendance, to name a few criteria taken into consideration.


Q14. I'm not performing, but I'm enrolled in a class. Can I watch the show?

Yes! You will be assigned a seat with the rest of your class in the student seating section. Also, inform your instructor as soon as possible.


Q15. How different is the Bombay Jam® fitness class from a dance class?

Very different! Read all about our unique fitness program here.


Q16. I would like to take private dance lessons. What are my options?

We do offer private dance lessons. For details on pricing and availability, email us.


Q17. My daughter’s wedding is coming up soon and I would like an instructor from your company to come to my house and teach my family and I a dance to perform! Is this possible?

We do offer private classes and lessons, as well as customized wedding performances. For details on pricing and availability, email us.


Q18. Do your instructors train students to dance at competitions?

We do not train students to compete. But we do teach them the various dynamics about being on stage and being a performer in class. Also, they perform on stage through our dance program twice a year during the Spring and Fall Student Showcases!