Aarohi Unadkat


Aarohi cannot imagine her life without dance. She started early, training in Kathak at the Pampa Dance Academy under Guru Nirmala Madhava since she was eight, the same time she joined the Mona Khan company. She is also part of the traditional dance group Sangeet—a garba, raas, and folk group—since the age of five.


In her words, “dancing is in my blood. It allows me, to be me. I can be my truest self, and it helps me unwind, calm myself, and free my mind from any other stresses in the world. ”


As an instructor, Aarohi wants to share the joy of dancing with her students and help them reach the state of happiness she gets while dancing.


When she’s not dancing with MKC, Aarohi is a student at Wilcox High School where she is on the school jazz dance team and also choreographs for the school’s Indian club. She also loves to play basketball and is a huge Golden State Warriors fan. Just quiz her on any statistics about the team—she knows them all!