Debasmita Nayak


Debasmita has a message for all you late dance bloomers out there: “I used to think that I should have started dancing when I was a kid in order to be more flexible and have more stamina. What I know now is that if you want to dance, nothing can stop you.”


Debasmita started her dance career in her college years in India and after moving to the U.S, joined MKC as a student. In 2017, she became a part of the elite MKC instructors and wants to give back to her students what dance has given her: a boost in self-confidence, fitness, a chance to de-stress, and a positive outlook on life.


Debasmita hobbies include singing—she is trained in Odissi and is currently learning Hindustani—and even sang for a caller tune song, used across the globe for the company where she started her software engineering career.