Eshna Gupta


Eshna has been learning Kathak since 2010 from the Nupur Dance Academy in California. She also trains in ballet, jazz, hip hop and tap at Tiffany’s Dance Academy. She started learning Bollywood in 2008 and went on to join the Mona Khan Company as part of the Youth Emerging Performers in 2012. Eshna became an assistant instructor in January of 2016, went on to becoming a primary instructor later that year.


Eshna has always received an amazing dance education from her teachers that has really helped her grow as a dancer. She feels very honored and thankful to have been given this opportunity to share her knowledge. She really wants to use her own experiences and give a dance education to students to provide them with the same opportunity she had. Her goal is for the students to realize that dancing is a blast!


Eshna believes that everyone is different, and brings his or her own unique perspective. Staying true to these differences is the key to happiness. Whether it is for dance, education, or anything else, she believes that you don’t have to be the same or think the same, to succeed in life. What she loves about dance is that it makes her feel unique. Dance is what Eshna puts her emotions in; if she is sad or excited, she can express that just through movement. She believes that anybody can dance; you do not have to be professionally trained to learn how to love dance. Outside of the studio, Eshna can be found keeping up with her schoolwork or hanging out at the pool.