Jaie Patil


Jaie has always loved dancing and was a part of various cultural events when she was growing up. She performed at inter-collegiate and annual cultural events during her undergraduate years in India and while studying for her Masters degree in San Jose State University. In addition, she trained in Bollywood Dance at the Shiamak Davar Institute for the Performing Arts for a year. She began training with the Mona Khan Company in 2014 and went on to become an assistant instructor in 2015 and a primary instructor in 2016. She is also a part of the student costume design team of the company.


Jaie teaches dance as it helps her interact with so many new people. It is amazing to guide people to achieve their dancing goals and share their sense of accomplishment. She believes that dance is an art that cannot be taught but only guided and nurtured. Dance helps her express herself; it acts as a translator. It gives her joy, confidence, strength, and a way to voice the beauty of life.


Outside the studio, Jaie can be found working at an IT startup as a Software Engineer. Trained in Classical music for two years, she loves listening to Bollywood songs from the nineties and trying her hand at karaoke. She loves playing board games, outdoor games, hanging out with friends, trying new recipes, and watching videos of Dance India Dance.