Naveli Jogaikar


Naveli has always loved dancing and as a child she used to jump at every opportunity she got to dance! Growing up, she was a part of various cultural events and dance shows in school and participated in several dance competitions during her undergraduate years and while studying for her Masters degree at FIU. She also choreographed numerous dance routines in her shows. After moving to the Bay Area, she joined multiple dance groups and eventually started taking classes with Mona Khan Company in 2013. Ever since then, she has enhanced her dance learning and elevated her passion even more. She became an assistant instructor in 2015 and a primary instructor in 2016.


As an instructor, Naveli wants her students to learn and yet have a lot of fun during the process. She wants her students to enjoy dancing as much as she does. She believes that you learn a lot as you teach and it is also a way to give back and share your knowledge and experience. She loves to dance because it makes her very happy and transports her to a different world. Dance is her stress buster and also helps her express herself. She loves to be on stage; she learns something new with every performance and that gives her a sense of accomplishment.


Outside the studio, Naveli can be found working as a software tester at a startup called Practice Fusion. She loves food and everything related to it - be it cooking, exploring new cuisines, trying out local eateries or watching cooking shows. She enjoys traveling, being outdoors, reading and watching TV shows and movies.