Pranil Raut


Pranil trained at the Shiamak Davar Institute for the Arts for one year in Mumbai, India. After coming to the Bay Area, he joined Naach for one year and went on to train with the Mona Khan Company. In addition, he trained in ballet for six months at Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet Center and attended a partnering workshop with RAW Dance in San Francisco. He also had the opportunity to attend a contemporary dance workshop with Dance India Dance Season 2 winner Shakti Mohan, hosted by the Mona Khan Company.


Pranil went on to become an assistant instructor in 2014 and a primary instructor in 2016. He teaches dance because it makes him happy, enables him to connect with new people and make difference in their lives. He believes that dance keeps you fit, happy, and energetic. It releases stress and helps you perceive life in a positive way. On a personal level, it has helped him lose weight, stay fit and become active and flexible. You forget everything when you dance! Dancing is something he will never stop throughout his life and he cannot get enough of the joy it brings and the freedom of expression it allows.


Outside the studio, Pranil can be found working at a biotech company. He loves watching movies and dance reality TV shows, traveling, exploring and biking. He is a big fan of the challenge workouts; you will find him undertaking Spartan training once a year and completing the San Francisco half-marathon, and every year improving by five to seven minutes!