Priyanka Girase


Priyanka has always been interested in dancing and has participated in various cultural events and festivals in India. She also had the opportunity to participate at a competitive cultural event in UCLA in 2011 and went on to win the competition. That motivated her to start training formally and she began taking classes with the Mona Khan Company after moving to the Bay Area in 2013. She went on to becoming an assistant instructor and eventually a primary instructor in 2015.


Priyanka loves teaching because it enables her to introduce students to the joy of dancing. She enjoys seeing them become confident and motivated and leave class with a smile on their faces. The enthusiasm and pride with which they rehearse and finally shine on stage are what really drive her to be an instructor. Teaching not only helps her deepen her own understanding of dance but also allows her to give back something that has changed her life.


Priyanka dances because besides being a fantastic workout, dance is a form of art that allows her to express a story or an emotion, when words cannot. It allows her to escape from her daily routine and forget the world around her.


Outside of the studio, Priyanka can be found working as a software developer in the Outlook team of Microsoft. She enjoys reading novels and always carries a book with her. She likes making Software or mobile apps for fun. She also loves movies and picks a genre and watches all the possible movies in that genre, her recent choice being “Time Travel.” She also relishes food, and recreational activities like swimming and horse riding.