Priyanka Shingwekar


Priyanka began her dance career at just three years of age, making her way up to the master level at MKC before becoming an instructor in 2016. She is also well versed in classical jazz and ballet to round out her dance training, and is also part of the Junior Emerging Performers (JEP) team at MKC.


In her words, “dance for me serves as a creative platform to express myself in a way that doesn’t require words. Whenever I feel overwhelmed from my academics, I turn to dance to regain my strength. When I dance, I feel more confident, steady, and sure about myself.”


As an instructor, she hopes to help everyone find their passion for dance and express it in a fun environment, with the main goal being to destress from their busy lives.


Priyanka’s hobbies include photography and debating. She takes part in her high school’s parliamentary debate team and is a nationally ranked debater. She also trains elementary and middle school kids to debate.