Rashmi Deshmukh


Dance has been an integral part of Rashmi’s life since her childhood. All she needed was some music—preferably a Madhuri Dixit or Karishma Kapoor number—to start playing and she’d be up on her feet. Just try calling her Mohini (from the famous Ek, Do, Teen Madhuri number) to put a smile on her face.


In her dance career, Rashmi has choreographed numerous dances and performed in many school and college competitions. She studied Bharatnatyam under Swati Daithankar for three years, Kathak for a year, and western forms for three years.


In her words, “I realized that when I dance, it set me free; makes me forget everything else around me. Dance is therapy for the soul.”


Rashmi is an engineer by profession and has obtained her Masters in Electrical Engineering, Multimedia and Creative Technology, from the University of Southern California. When she’s not dancing or working she is an avid swimmer and badminton player and has won many competitions in both. She also likes to flex her fingers on the (musical) keyboard, sing a verse or two, and sometimes just enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like watching cartoons or redecorating her house.