Richa Marathe


Richa developed a passion for dance very early in her life. As a toddler, she learned tap and jazz at Joanne Brown Dancers. In addition, she briefly learned Kathak to explore a form of Classical Indian dance. She joined Mona Khan Company when she was five years old and has been training ever since. Over the years, she has gained experience through the Intensive Training Class, been a part of the Youth Emerging Performers for several years, and is currently a part of the Junior Emerging Performers since 2015. She takes part in her high school spirit week dances such as Tahitian and hip hop, and is a member of her high school Bollywood dance team, Tufaan. Richa became an assistant instructor in 2014 and went on to become a primary instructor in 2016.


She teaches dance to spread the joy that it brings to her students, while helping them grow and achieve their ambitions as a dancer. She believes that dance is a way to release stress and anxiety of any sort, while being active and energetic! She loves dance because it gives her an opportunity to express herself, to open up, and to connect with new people.


Outside of the dance studio, Richa is involved in many extra-curricular activities such as Hindustani Classical vocal training and participating in Girl Scouts. She also plays Water Polo and has achieved a black belt in Karate. She is very deeply involved with her high school’s Performing Arts programs and participates in plays and musicals. While academics are her priority, she really enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, and going out with friends!