Rohith Sankarraman


Rohith has studied a broad range of dance styles including Bharathanatyam—Tanjore style— under guru Arumugam Appadurai as well as other classical styles like Odissi, Manipuri, Kathak, and Chhau. He has also dabbled in Ballet with Kristen Goldrick, Salsa with Giju John, and western contemporary with Oanh Tretter and Nami Lofland.


He strongly believes that dance—or any art form—is the biggest gift that any person could get and it is every artist’s responsibility to pass it on. As an instructor, he hopes to understand his student’s motivations and cater his teaching style to their needs while challenging them outside their comfort zone.


In his words, “dance is best way to tell true stories and expose raw emotions, be it pain or happiness. Dance gives the most unexplained happiness that anyone could experience.”


Outside of dance, Rohith loves to travel to understand different cultures and meet new people who can inspire the creator in him.