Sharath Upadhya


Sharath has always been interested in dance but began formally training with the Mona Khan Company in 2014. Before that, he took cha cha classes in USC and was involved in various cultural events back in India. He went on to become an assistant instructor with the Mona Khan Company in 2015 and went on to become a primary instructor in 2016.


Sharath teaches because it gives him the opportunity to share this wonderful art with others and to know others and help them achieve their dance goals. It also helps him to learn more through the process of teaching. Enabling students achieve something that they never believed possible is priceless. For him, dance is the sixth element of life, one of the basic necessities of his life.


Outside the studio, Sharath can be found working at Apple, churning some code. He loves swimming and can be found in the pool most summer weekends. He also enjoys cooking food. He has lately started doing Yoga and it provides the best mental relief after a long and hectic day.