Shipali Shetty


Shipali began her training in Bharatnatyam, which she studied briefly. She was the college cultural secretary during her undergraduate years and organized and managed inter-college cultural festivals and competitions while actively participating in cultural dance programs. She started taking classes with the Mona Khan Company in 2014 and went on to become an assistant instructor towards the end of 2015 and a primary instructor by July 2016.


As an instructor, her motto is to be herself and teach from the bottom of her heart. She enjoys teaching because it is a great way of sharing her love for dance. It helps her connect with new people and she hopes that through her teaching, she can motivate people, help them unlock their potential to be great dancers. Teaching dance also helps her to be a better dancer. Dancing makes her happy, allows her to express herself and to de-stress. It is also the perfect way to stay fit.


Outside the studio, Shipali can be found working as a Software Developer with an interest in machine learning at Adobe. She loves traveling, exploring, hanging out with friends, playing board games and chess and watching horror movies. She is always excited about outdoor activities and adventure sports. She starts teaching dance steps to her friends at the first sound of Bollywood music!