Shobana Shankar


Shobana Shankar joined Naach as a part of the professional troupe in 2008 and went on to become a dancer and instructor at the Mona Khan Company, since the company's inception in 2009. In addition, she plays the role of Dance Captain at the company, which involves managing the dancers and rehearsals.


Despite not having trained professionally, Shobana is known for her versatility as a dancer and she ventured into teaching in 2009. She enjoys instructing all age groups, and especially loves teaching the special needs kids at Jeena, who have become a significant part of her life. She is passionate about coming up with creative ideas and watching these ideas materialize in class and in performance. It gives her great contentment to see her visions realized, all while ensuring that her students are having a blast!


Ever since Shobana discovered her passion for this incredible art form, she has plunged into the dance world wholeheartedly. Dancing, quite simply, makes her happy and allows her to use her imagination.


Shobana is also an aspiring actor. In 2012, she made her debut on the silver screen as the lead actress in the Tamil movie “Panithuli.” She has been a part of several theater groups and been cast in multiple lead roles, throughout the Bay Area. In addition, she has been featured in short films with groups such as Krea Productions and Avatar Productions.


Shobana currently works as a Product manager in Cisco Systems. Outside of her work and dance life, she can be found relishing foods, cooking or hanging out with friends. She is also passionate about sports; she loves to play anything and everything! She was a state level athlete in India for Tamil Nadu (track and long jump), a state level volleyball player and a district level table tennis and chess player. She is always excited about the outdoors and adventure sports (the more extreme, the better!).