Shreya Krishnan


Shreya Krishnan studied Bharatnatyam for 3 years in Bangalore and in 2004 she joined Naach as a dancer and instructor, and continues in the same capacity at the Mona Khan Company.


As an instructor, Shreya believes that everyone should have an opportunity to dance, regardless of their skill. If she can convert someone who resists the idea of dancing, to someone who eagerly looks forward to their next class, her job is done! Sacrificing weekend mornings to wake up early to teach isn’t always easy, but the minute she steps into the studio and the students start pouring in, she knows that there is nothing else that she would rather be doing. No other job gives her the 100% job satisfaction that teaching does!


Dance is her perfect escape– a way of clearing the mind of all problems. When she is in the studio, everything else fades into the background and it is just about the movement and the music.


Outside the studio, Shreya works in Marketing at a technology company. She loves to read books and hopes to start a campaign someday to get more people to read. She also has a self-proclaimed annoying habit of correcting peoples’ grammatical errors! She enjoys exploring new cuisines and her long-term goal is to travel more!