Taarini Hariharan


For Taarini, dance has always given her a sense of freedom, power, and a strong form of expression. Not to mention, it’s a really fun way to destress from school. She started dancing at age five, first with Naach, and then with MKC at thirteen where she is now an instructor and part of the intensive training program (ITC) for a select group of students.


In her words, [she] believes that “anyone can dance and that dancing can bring a diverse group of people together despite their differences. I teach because I want others to find joy in dancing the same way that I do.”


When she’s not teaching or dancing for MKC, Taarini is a student at Irvington High School where she is part of the bollywood team, Irvington Sitaare, and also a part of the water polo team. She is passionate about learning different languages and is always trying to pick up new ones on her own.