Varsha Varkhedi


Varsha began her dance training studying Bharatanatyam for two years. She went on to train in jazz and other western classical dances at Tattva and soon became a part of their performance group. That is where she first learned about being on stage as well as the dynamics of being behind the scenes. She joined Mona Khan Company in 2011. Starting in a Basic class, she made her way up to a Masters class and ITC. She was eventually selected to be a part of the Junior Emerging Performers Program in 2014. She also became an assistant instructor at that time and went on to become a primary instructor in 2016. One of her greatest passions is teaching at Jeena, an organization for children with special needs, where she has been teaching since 2014.


As an instructor, Varsha believes that dance is extremely beneficial in many ways. It enables you to adopt a healthier lifestyle and de-stress. The only thing better than enjoying dance, is to bring that joy to others. In her experience in teaching at Jeena, many of her students learn basic social skills and motor skills in class. It is amazing to watch students improve so greatly over time. She wants all her students to experience being on stage and to feel proud of all they have learnt and achieved. She hopes to create a studio environment where students look forward to coming to class, week after week.


Varsha is also the co-captain of a Bollywood dance team that she helped create in 2015 at her high school. If she is not dancing, she can be found reading or writing. She is also on the gymnastics team at Cupertino High School. In addition, she spends a lot of time listening to her favorite artists and bands. In addition, she is the video editor of the Mona Khan Company, so she spends time editing videos and experimenting with other ideas.