Wendy Bramble


Though she has always loved dance, Wendy began her journey as a professional dancer in 2009, when she joined a Tribal Fusion Belly Dance troupe. By 2010, she was performing with three Belly Dance troupes, and in 2011 she created her first solo choreography, which won her 1st place in a competition. Since 2011, she has been supplementing her dance education by taking classes in a variety of styles such as Jazz, Modern/Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tango, Tap, Ballet, and Kathak. In 2012, she founded her own award-winning Tribal Fusion dance troupe, became a certified Bombay Jam instructor, and began attending Bollywood Dance classes with the Mona Khan Company. She went on to become a part of the Principal Emerging Performers Group in 2013, while simultaneously co-producing a successful Belly Dance competition and showcase.


Wendy has been teaching Tribal Fusion Belly Dance classes since 2010, and has been teaching and directing Belly Dance troupes since 2011. She has been teaching Fire Dancing (Poi) since 2012. She became an assistant instructor with the Mona Khan Company in early 2013 and went on to become a primary instructor in a year. Taking dance and fitness classes have brought challenge, excitement and health rewards to her life, and she began teaching them in order to help others receive the same benefits. Wendy loves sharing her experience and knowledge with others, and is always especially thrilled to see her students get on stage and perform.


Wendy believes that great teachers both inspire and challenge students to achieve more than they think they can. As an instructor, she strives to create an environment that is both supportive and fun. She is passionate about dance because it allows her to combine her love for music, movement, fashion and storytelling. What she loves most though is how it brings people together, and how it has allowed her to be part of so many diverse communities.


Outside her dance life, Wendy was a Regent's Scholar at UC Berkeley, where she received her undergraduate degree in Astrophysics. She has studied African and Middle Eastern drumming. She loves Science Fiction and Fantasy, and hopes one day to become a published author. She has also worked as a professional photographer and photo editor. Her husband got her hooked on Kart racing. She loves driving fast and tries to get out to the track to race as often as she can!