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High fives, however, must go to the two dozen youngsters of Mona Khan Company Emerging Performers. Their rousing, Bollywood-inspired 'Jalsa' showed them to be disciplined, tough, and exuberant.”... More>>
As time passed though, Varshneya has received more and more positive feedback about her teaching. Mathur explains that she has a fun and outgoing teaching manner while parents are impressed with her ability to teach the kids as if they were her friends”... More>>
The Mona Khan Company is a highly acclaimed Bollywood dance and fitness company in the United States. They are the creators of Bombay Jam®, a packaged Bollywood training program.”... More>>
Some of the most exciting moments in the show came courtesy of the Mona Sampath Khan Dance Company, a vibrant and varied group of artists who can easily beat Bollywood’s best of the best. Their performances throughout the evening, both solo and as support for the singers, sparkled with sassy dance moves and fresh, creative costumes.”... More>>
The name has become the closest synonym for anything Bollywood in the San Francisco Bay Area. From Shahrukh to Ranbir, Karishma to Shilpa & Akki (Akshay Kumar) to A.R. Rehman, all have danced on her tune. "... More>>
Guests were wowed by traditional and Bollywood-style performances”... More>>
The City View was transformed into a modern and sophisticated lounge with stylish seating, chocolate tastings from around the world, and a dance floor including pop-up performances by America’s Got Talent performers the Mona Khan Dance Company.”... More>>


After learning the choreography from artistic director Mona Sampath, team members rehearsed for nearly four hours a day for several weeks to perfect their dance routines. Their discipline and determination paid off, and the team cleared its first audition in Hollywood early this year, then the second in Las Vegas in spring, moving up to the top 48 July 20 back in Hollywood...


...The dancers, clad in bright-colored sequined costumes, combined the fluid grace of Bollywood dancing with fast-paced modern moves for an East-meets-West performance that had the audience on its feet applauding.”
”... More>>


What makes their vision fresh and unique is that their style of Bollywood is truly global…one can see elements of hip-hop, jazz and contemporary dance” - Mona Sampath Dance Company on NBC’s ‘Talent’


The Bollywood contribution of the Mona Sampath Dance Company was radiantly enthusiastic, high in energy, appealing. ”... More>>


Ishika Seth, a choreographer, instructor and dancer with the Mona Sampath Dance Company of Milpitas, represents modern Indian dance influenced by the Bollywood musical/film genre…“I discovered Mona Sampath’s style of Bollywood in the Bay Area and found a unique blend of East and West, stemming from a cultural place but evolving into a global and contemporary dance form. ”... More>>


We are determined to redefine Bollywood and transport the audiences to the spectacular world of our vision. ”... More>>


…To everybody’s astonishment, the show received a standing ovation from the over 700 guests at the banquet and made grown men’s eyes moist at the energy and enthusiasm shown by the sprightly sixty-somethings… ”... More>>


The reasons for joining Bollywood aerobics are myriad: It is a fun workout, a calorie incinerator, a body toner, mood elevator, stress buster, a connection with one’s homeland, an introduction to a new culture, a vicarious experience and an interesting way to socialize. Bollywood music, obviously, is the big red cherry on top…


…Bollywood aerobics and Bollywood dance classes were introduced by Mona Sampath at the Indian Community Centers in the towns of Milpitas and Sunnyvale…A certified aerobics instructor from YMCA, she structured a total body workout with moves from hip-hop, rock and roll, jazz, funk, simplified classical and folk dances — all the staple ingredients of filmi jhatkas and matkas.
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