America's Got Bollywood

Captivating. Beautiful. Unforgettable: America's Got Bollywood, our Spring and Fall dance showcase, is held in May and November every year. The Bay Area's largest Bollywood resident show is a grand celebration of the best and biggest Bollywood talent pool in the Bay. Spectacular displays of dance skills, energy, music, production, choreography and costumes have mesmerized audiences for years!


Performances feature our highly acclaimed professional dance troupe which has an impressive performance repertoire that includes making it to the Top 48 on NBC's America's Got Talent in Season 5.


Show highlights also include our exceptional students from our specialty programs - the Emerging Performers, Jollywood (our amazing senior citizens class) and Jeena (our rockstars students with special needs) as well as the company's fabulous instructor team.


The stars of the showcase are also the company's students, who are taught in 9 classes to master a dance routine with the correct technique and style and hone their performance skills. Their obvious enthusiasm and passion is infectious as they gracefully take the stage - often for the first time ever!


Dance speaks a universal language that is comprehended by people of all age groups and ethnicities. Dance is creative, collaborative, powerful, healthy, spiritual, energizing, expressive, entertaining and of course FUN! America's Got Bollywood captures all these elements with unmatched Bollywood magic, quality and artistic direction under one roof and on one stage.






Ready for a visual treat? Check out photos and videos of America's Got Bollywood:


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